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Simulations for complex science
Simulations for complex science
Add value to your science with complex simulations done right.

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Key competences of ThetaFrame Solutions

Model development

Fast, project specific model development with open or closed source code.


Simulate complex systems with physics based-, statistical- or AI methods.

Detailed Result Analysis

Analyse and visualize simulation results, including thorough uncertainty estimates.


Summarize findings and methods in concise reports to be published or integrated in peer-review articles.

ThetaFrame knows simulations.

Simulations of phase change driven by thermodynamics in complex, turbulent flows demands a high level of detail. As an example, melting of an ice tube is driven by warm water flowing through the tube at high speed. By resolving the flow boundary layer as well as the thermodynamic boundary layer, it becomes possible to predict local heat transfer into the ice wall. This local heat flux drives phase change at the water/ice boundary which leads to a geometric change of the ice tube.

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Who runs ThetaFrame Solutions


Alexander H. Jarosch, PhD

CEO & Founder

With more than 13 years of experience in academic research, Alex is leading ThetaFrame Solutions and its scientific simulations services.

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Recent projects of ThetaFrame

Granular flow - Avalanche impact simulations.
Century scale englacial advection simulation. Coupled finite element, finite volume code.
Mýrdalsjökull subglacial heat output. Inequality constraint free surface flow FEM model.
Free surface channel flow with thermodynamic heat exchange to air above. FVM model.
Surface meltwater stream - ice flow interaction. FEM model with moving boundary. Work by Alex Jarosch before ThetaFrame.
Regional glacier change projections. FDM model. Work by Alex Jarosch before ThetaFrame.


Building on a solid foundation of numerical methods knowledge (FDM, FVM, FEM)
ThetaFrame Solutions is specialized in computation fluid dynamics simulations.

In addition, ThetaFrame Solutions provides artificial intelligence applications
and statistical analyses for contemporary science projects.

Computational fluid dynamics


AI and Neural Networks





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